Dormy Inn Premum Shibuya Jingumae

It is Dormy Inn PREMIUM Shibuya Jingumae which opened in April 2012.

It is 6 minutes on foot from Meiji Jingumae station and 15 m² in size.


The bed is made of Sartar and it is 120 cm.

I did not use it, but there was a bolster.


Because the desk is small and stool, it is not suitable for PC work


The TV is small with 26 inches of Panasonic.

The refrigerator is Haier, the air purifier is sharp.

Because there is a large public bath, I do not use baths of guest room, but bathroom is shower booth of 80 cm square. In case


Amenity is POLA.


The public bath is not very wide, but there is a sauna. It was the first time for an apple bath.


Breakfast at the side of the lobby on the first floor is 1800 yen.

They baked eggs in front of me. Beef stew is delicious.

You can take the coffee back to the room.


Because there is a distance from the station, the bus leaves every 30 minutes in the morning.

Because the hotel arrival was late, buckwheat could not be eaten. Dormy is stable.


Breakfast is also eaten while wearing gowns, and although it is not fashionable, it is recommended for those who want to relax.