Moxy Tokyo Kinshicho

It is Moxy Tokyo Kinshicho which opened in November 2017.

Queen is 17 m², 7 minutes walk from Kinshicho station.

The bed is 160 cm made by Simmons, and there is an outlet and a USB at the bedside.

There is no desk or a refrigerator, but there is a dial type telephone and it is fashionable retro.


The TV is 50 inches of Sharp.


Hangers and other fixtures are all hanging on the wall has changed.


The toilet is made of LIXIL, the hardware is rugged and cool.


There is no bathtub, only the size of the shower booth is about 80 × 140.

I do not know the product where shampoo etc.


The gown is a one piece and it is received at the front desk.


I do not have a trouser presser at the hotel, I put it by myself in the ironing room. I was surprised at the picture of the wall when I opened the door.



There is a gym in the basement.


Breakfast is 1,300 yen, and there are rice and miso soup at the beginning.f:id:chainhotelman:20180726115753j:image
Dessert takes the fruit as it is. There was also a banana. There is a Nintendo on the counter, and the child was playing.


The lobby is comfortable, check in at one corner of the counter as it becomes a bar at night. It is a fun hotel with many casual and instructive spots.